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Within a very small distance, you will find many nice attractions. Take a closer look at the listed websites.

www.legoland.dk                                            www.givskudzoo.dk (Zoo and Lionpark)

www.lystfiskerparadiset.dk (fishing, Put & Take)  www.lystfisker.net (fishing)

www.sportsfiskeren.dk (fishing)                         www.legelandet.dk (Playland for kids)

www.netopnu.dk (what is happening around us)   www.hvilested.dk (fishing, Put & Take)

www.visit-us-all.dk (get more idears)                 www.bedhunt.com (Bed / Breakfast)

www.ferskvandscentret.dk (seamuseum)             www.bnb-directory.com (accomodation)

www.randersregnskov.dk (rainforrest)                 www.e-selfcatering.com (accomodation - selfcaering)

www.dmi.dk/dmi/index/danmark/byvejr_danmark.htm?by=7190   The weather Billund                                                                           

www.bedandbreakfast.com (accomodation-selfcatering) www.secondcasa.com (accomodation)

www.stenvad.eu  (Put & Take)

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